Thursday, December 26, 2013

at night over viewing GENSAN , Sarangani and Polomolok.

Walking at cliffs for 2 hours with big backpacks on is like an adventure even Dora the explorer never tried. Where are we going? To the highest peak of Gensan they call it Sanchez peak. It’s a whole new world of adventure awaiting for you up there. Warning once you climb up this peak I will assure you. Just like General Mac Arthur I shall return with comrades.

fogs like sea. we are in island in the sky.

Sanchez Peak?

Sanchez peak is located at Balakayo(or they call it little tagaytay) Barangay Olimpog, General Santos City. It belongs to the natives called the B’laan long ago and as an act of trade was given to the Sanchez family. The current owner is Mr.Jun Sanchez and its family. It was a private land and was open to the public last 2010 only by the initiative of other mountaineering friend of Mr.Jun and now was supported by DOT(Department Of Tourism) as tourist attraction in General Santos City.

How can you get there?

According to the guides there are 3 routes going to Sanchez peak. The easiest one is the Balakayo trail which you will ride a habal-habal from Malakas to Zipline in Balakayo(it will cost you 150/head) and from there a 2hour walk to sanchez peak awaits you or another choices is to ride a motorcycle going straight to Balakayo, Olimpog (cost you 25/head) and have a walk to Sanchez peak for 4hours. Don’t wory about the way if don’t have guides in this route just walk in the road up and down the mountains and you will be amazed how you got there. If lost don’t hesitate to ask the villagers they are willing to guide you by words often.
The other route is the Cassava route from Cassava Polomolok to the 7 falls and to Sanchez peak (it is where mountaineers route going back to Gensan). It will be a 5 hours walk but you can drop by the 7falls and was away the mud and dirt you got and simply swim. I don’t know the costing of this route.

The other route is the Balsinang trail. Same cost with the other route 25/head on tricycle to Barangay Olympog Outpost and a 4hours walk to the peak. Upon reaching the top you will pay 20/head on the area and you can also buy water that you can drink up there 40/gallon. They also have souvenirs and you can charge your gadgets up in the mountain. Mr and Mrs Sanchez wear always a smile on their face and gives you a heartfelt welcome upon reaching the place. 

pictures below are signs and path ways leading you to the peak.(via balakayo route near the zipline)

there are two roads that makes you lost. follow my not soo good sign. :) if you ride habal-habal here is your starting point to walk.

road to sanchez peak.
after a hour walk when you see this signs on the road your almost there
reaching trees with signs are good manifestation that you are almost there
if pass this toblerone like mountains you are 30 mins close.
when you see this tree. 1 more hill and your there.

the road it is here 10mins more and you are there
upon reaching the peak you will see this sign.

getting ready forour bonfire over viewing the city of Gensan. 
sanchez peak sign

the feeling and aura that you are in the island in heavens.