Friday, November 8, 2013

Many people don't usually notice this scenery and beauty of this places. I am not a landscape photographer but I am trying to picture out what beauty I saw in my school the Mindanao State University.

This pictures where taken for the purpose of the ff:
1. Tour
2. Familiarization
3. My perspective about MSU
4. My ART
5. My Passion
6. Be in-love with MSU
7. Explore MSU via this BLOG
8. Appreciate the place

If you happen to be in this places try to see it in my perspective. Hope you will like it and be in love ones more with MSU "the HOME OF THE TOPNOTCHERS". :)

The Places

This part of the school is woow. When i first step foot in MSU I was amaze with its entrance gate then after passing the Y shape building. WHERES THE CLASSROOMS? hahaha

Mindano State University Gensan Campus main entrance gate
This is my tambayan in school. Here you can take Power Naps but in an oven like temperature. In here also you can see students that wears the only uniform in MSU(P.E uniform) practicing taekwondo, aerobics and other M.U things(Malanding Ugnayan) can be seen in here.

Msu Gensan Gymnasium
When you want relaxing view while studying or hanging out with friends this is the best place to stay in Y building. It can be viewed in the 2nd floor of the building in front of the baggage counter in the library.

wide shoot of Msu gensan over looking Sar Bay
I usually got in this place in school at enrollment period. Where the line is from the other side to the other.

Corridor at H building
The H shape building of Msu only visible in aerial shoot that it is H. It is here you will find College of Education and College of Engineering.

H building view in the eye of the fish
The square type building in MSU it is in here future business tycoons and CPA's can be found.

College of Business Administration and Accountancy
Road where everyday students waits for jeepneys and also in here you will find the new Library, OSA ofis and the road straight to GEMA east/west, Cass, Tanghal, Math, CNSM and Sttc.

In front of OSA
When you happen to climb up the water tank in the field(which what i do to take this shoot) you can have this birds eye view. It is the whole MSU field.

Wide aerial shoot of MSU field
A Birds eye view of H shape building in MSU. 1 of my favorite shoot. In order to see this view you most climb up the water tank in the field and its about a 4 storey building.

Aerial shoot of H building.
In all my shoot this is my favorite (in my perspective) MSU Birds Eye view fronting SARBAY. 
Birds eye view of MSU over looking SARBAY.
It is here where you can take up A.B courses then its up to you where you want to finish it until Z. hehehe
College of Social Sciences and Humanities
Sleeping zone, tambayan, M.U zone and school play are done in here and also include the cashiers and validation when enrollment comes.
AS Mini Theater
The home of the WIZARDS its a strip long classrooms that caters 1000 students everyday. Its a magic indeed.
College of Sciences and Mathematics
1 of the creepiest building in MSU good for photoshoot. It is here where i shoot my picture A suicide story. and also in here you will find the reapers, botanist, magsasaka, animals wife(animal husbandry) and the creepy KINGS and QUEENS room.
College of Agriculture

Y building here is the main office of the school can be found, the chancellors office, the vice chance office, the registrar, library, and museum. Just don't mind the ghost employees.
Interiors of Y building
Don't tell me you don't know where to find this? This is the legendary King Kai's planet in Dragonball Z. It is located at the heart of MSU. 
crossing road in front of gym , alumni park, and field

Lobby at tanghal Building. I have no particular memories here except for the shoot. 
Tanghal Building Agriculture(T.B.A) LOBBY 2nd floor
The back part of the H shape Building it is here where College of education can be found.(dominant)
Back of H building

Minor subject are done here GEMA East/West Building.
road at Gema Buildings