Friday, November 1, 2013

Gadgets anywhere; even my little sister is playing on iPad and I barely seen her go out in our house and play with other children. Technology blind us so much nowadays. We want all to be just easy by 1 click all are done. Entertainment by just 1 touch, you could play games without exerting muscular efforts. I wish times could bring us back when we are not dependent with gadgets just like kids in the picture.


I joined with the Department of Tourism Region 12 with its program familiarization of the tourist spot in Socsargen area. Our 1st stop is the White Water Tubing in New La Union, Maitum, Sarangani Province. As we arrived there everybody is so busy changing their clothes to experience water tubing. Yet i'm soo busy walking and strolling around the river finding spot so I can wait for the water tubers and frame my subject for my photo Blog. Then a group of children came naked then jump off the river.

the spot i decided to and frame my water tubers subject

Their Game

The group of children were playing in the fast current of water in the river. They throw there slipper against the current of the river and waited for it to get back then they will chase the slipper and whoever got the slipper will be the one to throw it back. Simple isn't it? But as you can see the smiles at their faces and their enjoyment makes me wanna jump to the river and play too. I also wish my childhood is just like this we have a river bank nearby and true friends that will always be there in times of troubled water.


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